Health Humanities

Program and courses Health Humanities

Combine a cultural, philosophical, historical and anthropological perspective to critically reflect on topical issues in present-day health and medicine.

Program structure

This one-year track of MA Culture Studies consists of 60 ECTS:

  • 4 core courses (24 ECTS)
  • 2 research skills modules (6 ECTS)
  • Internship  or 2 elective courses (12 ECTS in total)
  • Master’s thesis (18 ECTS)

This program starts at the end of August.

Program content

Core courses

Follow these 4 core courses:

  • Diversity and Equity in health and medicine (6 ECTS)
  • Knowledge production in health and medicine (6 ECTS)
  • Online Health Practices (6 ECTS)
  • The Normal and the Abnormal (6 ECTS)
Research skill modules

Choose 2 research skills modules from the following list:

  • Using Digital Literacies (3 ECTS)
  • Ethnography and Interview (3 ECTS)
  • Ethnomining (3 ECTS)
  • Discursive Analytical Strategies (3 ECTS)
  • Anthropology and fieldwork (3 ECTS)
  • Survey Design (3 ECTS)
  • The hybrid media system and online writing (3 ECTS)
Internship or elective courses

Go for an internship OR choose 2 elective courses (12 ECTS)


Do an internship at a research group, or at a company or organisation.

To find an internship you can make use of the network of the lecturers. You can also provide an internship address yourself.

Examples of organizations / departments that are part of our network:

  • Elisabeth Tweesteden Hospital, Tilburg
    • at the department of pediatrics;
    • at the outpatients clinic psychiatry  
  • Catharina Hospital Eindhoven at the medical ethics department
  • DSIN – Disability Studies Netherlands
  • Women Inc
  • Rathenau Institute
  • KNMG
  • Corpus

Elective courses

OR choose 2 electives from the following list:

  • Digital Health Communication (6 ECTS)
  • Health, Care, Technology & Regulation (6 ECTS)
  • Digital industries and infrastructures (6 ECTS)
  • Intercultural Communication Online and Offline (6 ECTS)
  • Contested Ritual Space and Religious Diversity (6 ECTS)
  • Performance: Ritual, Art and the Body in digital culture (6 ECTS)
  • A course from the Master's specialization History: Medical and Health Humanities at VU Amsterdam (6 ECTS)
Master's thesis

You write your Master's thesis (18 ECTS) in the fourth and final block.

You can choose the subject of your thesis yourself and will be matched with a supervisor with the most expertise regarding your chosen topic.

You will find a detailed description of the courses and required literature in our course catalog.

Go to the course descriptions

Please note: programs are subject to change. We advise you to look up the current program in OSIRIS Student at the start of the year.

Short overview of Health Humanities

  • Reflect on current issues in health and medicine using an interdisciplinary humanities perspective in order to influence debates and decision making in these areas.
  • Learn to critically analyze opinions, claims, beliefs and practices regarding health and healthcare. Also gain an understanding of the historical and cultural context in which these have evolved, in order to develop a more accurate response to contemporary health challenges.
  • Connect theory with practice through in an internship (optional) and by attending guest lectures from professionals.
  • Turn academic content into publications that are accessible to a wider public through Diggit Magazine, both a learning instrument and an online news platform focusing on arts, digital culture, and globalization.

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