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Tilburg is a popular university city in the Netherlands and the demand for student housing is high. We advise you to start searching for a room several months before the start of your studies. Without accommodation we urge you not to travel to Tilburg. Our website offers a lot of useful information and tips.

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Spread your options by exploring both the private market and reserved accommodation. Interested in finding accommodation as you are planning on studying in Tilburg this fall?

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Meet our international team, learn more about the city and ask all your related questions.

As many Dutch universities, Tilburg University does not own accommodation. That means that we do not offer, or guarantee student housing.  It is your own responsibility and number one priority to find accommodation after being accepted. 

If you have specific questions with regards to the reserved accommodation, the private market, your rental contract, housing allowance, safety tips, please contact the Housing Office via e-mail or phone.

Video: Insights on finding accommodation (19:20)

An in-depth look at the different kinds of accommodation, steps international students need to take, the Dutch way of finding a student house, risks and contracts.

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