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Arranging your accommodation

Tilburg is a popular university city in the Netherlands. Because of this, the demand for student housing is high. Finding accommodation is one of the most important things to arrange before your arrival, please note that we cannot guarantee housing, and it’s your own responsibility to find a room. Therefore, we advise you to make it number one priority and start searching for a house several months before arriving.

We understand the struggles of the accommodation process, however, as many Dutch universities, Tilburg University does not own on-campus accommodation, and does not offer, nor guarantee, student housing. With this being a responsibility of each student, we urge students who are planning to join Tilburg University in September to actively search for housing and ensure their accommodation before their arrival to Tilburg as it’s a priority! Given the paramount aspect of housing, we advise students to NOT travel to the Netherlands without a (temporary) accommodation option ensured and accordingly de-enroll from their program!

Universities in the Netherlands do not own student housing. It is your own responsibility to find a room before your arrival. Therefore, you should make it your number one priority and start searching immediately. Of course, our Housing Office supports you when and where needed.

  • Tilburg University reserves a number of rooms with housing providers for eligible new international students. This is called reserved accommodation. Have a look at the reserved accommodation section for more information about the rooms.
  • Please note, there are not enough reserved rooms for all incoming international students. Therefore it is recommended to look in the private market as well
  • We strongly advise you to register on KlikvoorKamers (registration is free) right away, as this is a waiting time based platform.
  • Please be aware that only a limited number of furnished rooms are available in Tilburg. Do not limit your options and also look for unfurnished rooms.
  • Renting an apartment with 2 or more students is very difficult and therefore not recommended. Check our private market section for tips and tricks.   

What can you expect?

Dutch student houses are fairly unique!

  • It is not uncommon to live in a big house with a lot of housemates! You might have to share the facilities with more people then you are used to. However, it is a great way to make new friends. Housemates often eat together, study together and spend their free time together. Living in a student house is therefore a great way to really emerge in the Tilburg student life. 
  • Of course you could also opt for living in a studio or apartment by yourself. It really depends on your preference! However, it is easier to find a room than to find something just for you as you will often need registration time to reserve such accommodation. Additionally it is more expensive than a regular room in a shared house/flat. It is uncommon in the Netherlands to share a room with a number of people.
  • Generally, students do not live on campus because it is very easy to bike everywhere! Having a bike is essential when living in Tilburg as well. The areas Oud Noord, Oud Zuid, West, Centrum and Oost are all within cycling distance of the University. It is therefore no problem to live in these areas! There are safe bicycle paths leading from every part to the city to the University! 

Get started

Getting started on your search can be very overwhelming, therefore we have made a step by step plan which can help with narrowing your search. Also you can take a look at the student in Tilburg website

1. Decide what type of accommodation suits you best
2. Decide where you would like to live
3. Find your new home in the reserved accommodation or the private market section
3. Register at city hall and get your BSN number
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Welcome new student

Arranging your accommodation is part of the process of becoming a Tilburg University student. Check all the information relevant to kick-start your studies at Tilburg University.

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