Unidad de Conocimiento scholarship

Tilburg University has an agreement with the Corporacion Unidad de Conocimiento Empresarial to provide scholarships to highly motivated and academically strong applicants who are employed in a company associated to Unidad de Conocimiento.

Who can apply?

Employees of companies associated with Unidad de Conocimiento that want to pursue a Master's program at Tilburg University.

How to apply?

Students must be employed by companies associated with Unidad de Conocimiento. First they must be pre-selected by Unidad de Conocimiento. Furthermore, they must be admitted to a Master's program at Tilburg University, following the normal application and admission procedures.

Which are the benefits?

Unidad de Conocimiento and the sponsor company grant each student 70% of the total cost of the program (remainder tuition fee, living allowance and other related costs) with a maximum of $50.000. Tilburg University offers a 25% discount on tuition fees for Master's programs above €12.500.

More information:

For more information about this scholarship, please send an email to Ms. Marcela Isaza Peláez

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