Master's students at their graduation ceremony

University of Liberia Scholarship

Scholarship (tuition waiver + budget) for a maximum of four students/staff from the University of Liberia accepted for a one-year Master's program.

The application deadline has now passed. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to apply for this scholarship for the academic year 2022-2023. As soon as more information is available about the scholarship options for the academic year 2023-2024, we will update this website.

About the University of Liberia Scholarship

This Scholarship is available to students and faculty members from the University of Liberia who have completed a relevant Bachelor’s degree and who wish to enroll in one of the one-year Master’s programs at Tilburg University*. To qualify for a Liberia Scholarship you must fulfill all** admission requirements of the Master program of your choice.


The best eligible candidate from the University of Liberia who meets the admission criteria will be granted a Scholarship (one Master scholarship available per School, 4 scholarships in total).

  • Reduced tuition fee: Scholarship students/faculty members pay € 2,209 (2022-2023) instead of the regular fee of € 14,900 (2022-2023).
  • An amount of €10,000 as contribution towards living expenses.

Students who will need a pre-Master's program in order to be admitted to a Master's program, will receive an additional € 5,000 as a contribution towards living expenses.  

Application procedure

  • Download the Scholarship Application Form.
  • Upload the Scholarship Application Form in our Online Application System Osiris Aanmeld together with your application for the Master’s program of your choice before the Scholarship deadline of April 1, 2022.

*Students can apply for any one-year program, except ‘Christianity and Society.

**student will be exempted from the GMAT requirement for the study programs to which this requirement applies. Please note that this exemption is not applicable for the MSc International Management, where the GMAT remains a requirement.