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University of Liberia Scholarship

The application deadline for 2023-2024 has passed, it's no longer possible to apply!

Scholarship (tuition waiver + budget) for a maximum of four students/staff from the University of Liberia accepted for a one-year Master's program.


This Scholarship is available to students and faculty members from the University of Liberia who have completed a relevant Bachelor’s degree and who wish to enroll in one of the one-year Master’s programs at Tilburg University*. To qualify for a Liberia Scholarship you must fulfill all** admission requirements of the Master program of your choice.

How many Scholarships are available?

Each of the following Schools at Tilburg University are offering one scholarship per year for a student/faculty member from the University of Liberia who wants to apply for a Masters’ degree and meets the admission criteria.

  • Tilburg School of Economics & Management (TiSEM)
  • Tilburg Law School (TLS)
  • Tilburg School of Social & Behavioral Sciences (TSB)
  • Tilburg School of Humanities & Digital Sciences (TSHD)

As in most cases a Pre-master is required before starting the Master’s program, the Liberian scholarships of TSB, TLS and TSHD for the September 2023 intake of academic year 2023-2024 have already been granted.

What are the possibilities per School for 2023/2024?


  • Liberian scholarship available for Master’s program for the September 2023 intake


  • Pre-master scholarship (€5000) available for the September 2023 intake.The regular Liberian scholarship(tuition fee waiver + €11,500) then starts in February 2024 when you start the Master’s program.


  • Pre-master scholarship (€5000) available for the September2023 intake. The regular Liberian scholarship(tuition fee waiver + €11,500) then starts in February 2024 when you start the Master’s program.

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Who is eligible for the Scholarship?

The best eligible candidate from Liberia who meets the admission criteria per School will be granted a scholarship.

We strongly advise you to visit the program page of the Master study program of your choice to ensure that you apply for admission correctly. The Admission and Application section on the program page contains all the necessary information about the admission requirements, application procedure and the deadlines for the program of your choice.

English proficiency must be proven according to the requirements on the admission website.


  • Reduced tuition fee: Scholarship students/faculty members pay approx. € 2,250  instead of the regular fee of € 15,100 (2023-2024).
  • An amount of €11,500 as contribution towards living expenses.

Students who will need a pre-Master's program in order to be admitted to a Master's program, will receive an additional € 5,000 as a contribution towards living expenses.  

You have to successfully complete the pre-master completely and within one semester to be able to receive the Liberia Scholarship for the master. The pre-master scholarship will be granted only once, you will not receive another pre-master scholarship if you do not complete the premaster successfully within one semester.

Application procedure (The application deadline for the Fall semester of 2023-2024 has passed!)

  1. Apply for admission for one our Master's Programs by April 1, 2023 (September 2023 intake) or October 1, 2023 (February 2024 intake)
  2. Write a motivation letter in which you introduce yourself and explain why you are interested in the Liberian Scholarship. Please answer the following questions in the letter as well:
    • What would you contribute to Tilburg University (socially, academically, culturally)?
    • Tilburg University's motto is "Understanding Society". How would you reflect this on yourself? How do you understand society?
    • What are your career aspirations? And how does your study at Tilburg University helps to achieve them?
  3. Submit the Liberia Scholarship application webform and upload the motivation letter by May 1, 2023.
  4. We inform you about the outcome of your scholarship application by mid-June (September intake) or mid-November (February intake). 

*Students can apply for any one-year program, except ‘Christianity and Society.

**student will be exempted from the GMAT requirement for the study programs to which this requirement applies. Please note that this exemption is not applicable for the MSc International Management, where the GMAT remains a requirement.


You can contact us via e-mail: