Master's students at their graduation ceremony

University of Liberia scholarship

Scholarship (tuition waiver + budget) for a maximum of four students/staff from the University of Liberia accepted for a one-year Master's program.

About the University of Liberia scholarship

This Scholarship is available to students and faculty members from the University of Liberia who have completed a relevant Bachelor’s degree and who wish to enroll in one of the one-year Master’s programs at Tilburg University*. To qualify for a Liberia Scholarship you must fulfill all** admission requirements of the Master program of your choice.


The best eligible candidate from the University of Liberia who meets the admission criteria will be granted a Scholarship (one Master scholarship available per School, 4 scholarships in total).

  • Reduced tuition fee: Scholarship students/faculty members pay €2,083 (2019/2020) instead of the regular fee of €14,500 (2018/2019).
  • An amount of €10,000 as contribution towards living expenses.

Students who will need a pre-master' program in order to be admitted to a Master's program, will receive an additional € 5,000 as a contribution towards living expenses.  

Application procedure

  • Download the Scholarship Application Form.
  • Upload the Scholarship Application Form in our Online Application System MYSAS, together with your application for the Master’s program of your choice before the Scholarship deadline of 1 April 2019.

*Students can apply for any one-year program, except ‘Christianity and Society.

**student will be exempted from the GMAT requirement for the study programs to which this requirement applies.