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Recognition & Rewards

Where we are now

On this page you can find information about the concrete steps being taken to implement the new way of recognizing and rewarding within Tilburg University.

During the past period, dialogue sessions took place within the Schools. In addition, working groups have examined the operationalization of the domains of education, research, societal impact, leadership and team spirit. The Steering Committee has also explored a number of areas of tension. Based on this input, a number of focal points have emerged that will be part of the Tilburg University strategy for the period 2022-2027. Use (y)our Talents is the overarching vision on talent development that brings together Recognition & Rewards and Connected Leading, our vision on leadership.

Clear frameworks and principles are currently being developed to support those in leadership positions within the Schools, for example regarding the relationship between the different domains. Talent management and talent development for all Tilburg University employees are key focal points within the framework of Use (y)our Talents. The same applies to coaching those in leadership positions so they can implement the vision on talent development. We will continue to engage in dialogue with the university community throughout the implementation phase.

Timeline Recognition & Rewards

Tijdlijn Erkennen en Waarderen klein

In the Recognition & Rewards timeline you can see what activities have been undertaken and what steps have already been taken. It is also a preview of things to come. Each activity or step has a link to the corresponding document or message.

Timeline Recognition & Rewards

Outcomes dialogue sessions Recognition & Rewards

In the period from January to April 2021, dialogue sessions took place within the faculties of Tilburg University about the ideas of Recognition and Rewards. There was much enthusiasm and a warm welcome for the ideas, but also many questions and critical comments. In this document, you can find the input that was collected during the dialogue sessions. It includes a clustering by core domain and by theme. The responses are important input for the recommendations to the Executive Board. We hope you enjoy reading it and we invite you to send us any additions or reactions. You can do so via

Outcomes dialogue sessions R&R 


Jantine Schuit, Vice Rector Magnificus, explains in a video what concrete steps will be taken in the Recognition & Rewards program.

We look forward to hearing from you!

If you have any questions, comments or would like to share your views please contact drs. Marjan van Hunnik