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Odile Heynders is Professor of Comparative Literature and Head of the Department of Culture Studies at Tilburg University. She was a fellow at the Netherlands Institute of Advanced Sciences (NIAS) in 1998/99 and 2004/05. She published books and articles on European literature and authorship. Her book Writers as Public Intellectuals, Literature, Celebrity, Democracy(2016)appeared at Palgrave McMillan. Her current research (book) project is on Experiences of Migration in Literature (Cambridge Publishers). 


In my research I examine how literary practices are of influence in the analysis and understanding of current democratic public sphere(s), online as well as offline. 

My first interest is in how metamodernism (as a reflective genre of literature offering a political scenario and social knowledge) as well as specific literary mechanisms (as the ‘willing suspension of disbelief’) are effective in digital public spheres and can help in comprehending emerging phenomena such as fake news and the play with avatars and fabricated identities. 

My second interest is in how developments of digitalization have consequences for and can be illustrated in literary products such as serial and graphic novels, and documentaries on real life experiences (e.g. in texts on migration). The focus is on the visualization of self-presence, and on the representation of experiences in border intersections (geographical and national borders, off and online zones, etc). 


- BA Transformations of the Public Sphere

- BA Feminist Studies: Artists & Intellectuals

- MA Urban Spaces, Scenarios & Voices

- Ma Beauty and the Sublime Online

- HP European Discourses: Literary History and Diversity





Recente publicaties

  1. Questions and Answers - Asylum Seeking Procedures Represented in Cont…

    Heynders, O. (2020). Questions and Answers: Asylum Seeking Procedures Represented in Contemporary Literature. Scritture Migranti, Rivista annuale di scambi interculturali, 12(1), 27.
  2. Genoa as Lived and Imagined Social Space in the Work of Ilja Leonard …

    Heynders, O. (2019). Genoa as Lived and Imagined Social Space in the Work of Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer. Journal of Dutch Literature, 10(2), 1-16. [10.2]. http://www.journalofdutchliterature.org/index.php/jdl/article/download/192/178
  3. Talent voor literatuur - Ervaringen van asiel zoeken in fictie

    Heynders, O. (2019). Talent voor literatuur - Ervaringen van asiel zoeken in fictie. In Teksten in beweging: Over vertaling, vertalers en literatuur (pp. 57-63). Vantilt.
  4. Vraag en antwoord: asielaanvragen verbeeld in literatuur

    Heynders, O. (2019). Vraag en antwoord: asielaanvragen verbeeld in literatuur. In C. Elion-Valter, B. van Klink, & S. Taekema (Eds.), Wegen der vrijheid, Liber Amicorum voor Willem Witteveen (pp. 79-89). Boom.
  5. Perspectief, verbeelding en pragmatisme - Schrijfsters in het publiek…

    Heynders, O. (2018). Perspectief, verbeelding en pragmatisme: Schrijfsters in het publieke debat. (Bert van Selmlezing 27). Primavera Pers, Leiden.

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