Recente publicaties

  1. With All Caveats: Manifesto Writing in an Age of Uncertainty

    Hanna, J., & Ashby, S. (2023). With All Caveats: Manifesto Writing in an Age of Uncertainty. FoAM Anarchive.
  2. Increasing the UX Maturity Level of Clients - A Study of Best Practic…

    Buis, E., Ashby, S., & Kouwenberg, K. (2022). Increasing the UX Maturity Level of Clients: A Study of Best Practices in an Agile Environment. Information and Software Technology, 154, [107086].
  3. Reflections on manifesto writing

    Hanna, J., & Ashby, S. (2022). Reflections on manifesto writing. Multimodality and Society, 2(1), 23-30.
  4. Cultural Probes for Environmental Education - Designing Learning Mate…

    Matos, S., Silva, A. R., Arroz, A. M., Sousa, D., Picanço, A., Amorim, I. R., Ashby, S., & Gabriel, R. (2022). Cultural Probes for Environmental Education: Designing Learning Materials to Engage Children and Teenagers with Local Biodiversity. PLOS ONE.
  5. MANIFESTO! Now - Game Design for Revolutionary Thinking

    Hanna, J., Ashby, S., Nash, C., Matos, S., & Faria, A. (2021). MANIFESTO! Now: Game Design for Revolutionary Thinking. In Proceedings of Cumulus Conference 2021: Design Culture(s) (pp. 4160-4173). Cumulus and the Global Association of Art and Design Education and Research.

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