Recente publicaties

  1. Partner self-control and intrusive behaviors - A gender-specific exam…

    Buyukcan-Tetik, A., & Pronk, T. M. (2023). Partner self-control and intrusive behaviors: A gender-specific examination of the mediating role of trust. Current Psychology, 42(14), 11782-11792.
  2. How consumers define brand relationships - A prototype analysis

    Schreuder, P., Zeelenberg, M., & Pronk, T. (2023). How consumers define brand relationships: A prototype analysis. Journal of Product and Brand Management. Advance online publication.
  3. Estranged and unhappy? - Examining the dynamics of personal and relat…

    Stavrova, O., Pronk, T., & Denissen, J. (2023). Estranged and unhappy? Examining the dynamics of personal and relationship well-being surrounding infidelity. Psychological Science, 34(2), 143-169.
  4. Strength‐is‐weakness - The (ir)relevant relation between resources an…

    Wissink, J., Cantiani, A., Ven, N. V. D., Pronk, T., Erle, T. M., & Beest, I. V. (2023). Strength‐is‐weakness: The (ir)relevant relation between resources and payoffs in coalition formation. European Journal of Social Psychology, 53(2), 307-322.
  5. Low self-control - A hidden cause of loneliness?

    Stavrova, O., Ren, D., & Pronk, T. (2022). Low self-control: A hidden cause of loneliness? Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 48(3), 347-362.

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