CentER PhD theses 2020

This is an overview of all CentER PhD theses of 2020.

All CentER PhD theses

Copies can be ordered from the author, via the CentER Graduate Office.

  1. 2020 nr.637

    Peters, V.J.T. Turning modularity upside down
  2. 2020 nr.636

    Zhou, Sophie Innovation and the macroeconomy
  3. 2020 nr.635

    Beusch, Elisabeth Essays on the self-employed in the Netherlands and Europe
  4. 2020 nr.634

    Capera Romero, Laura Essays on competition, regulation and innovation in the banking industry
  5. 2020 nr.633

    Zerbib, Olivier David Asset pricing and impact investing with pro-environmental preferences
  6. 2020 nr.632

    Jaimes Bonilla, Richard Essays in macroeconomic theory and natural resources
  7. 2020 nr.631

    Pieters, Constant Process analysis for marketing research
  8. 2020 nr.630

    van de Kerkhof, R.M. It’s about time
  9. 2020 nr.629

    Hillrichs, Dorothee On inequality and international trade
  10. 2020 nr.628

    Nasiri, Mohammad Essays on the impact of different forms of collaborative R&D on innovation and technological change
  11. 2020 nr.627

    Heuver, Richard Applications of liquidity risk discovery using financial market infrastructures transaction archives
  12. 2020 nr.626

    Jerphanion, Emiel Essays in economic and financial decisions of households
  13. 2020 nr.625

    Zhang, Yi Topics in economics of labor, health, and education
  14. 2020 nr.624

    Arshad, Farah Performance management systems in modern organizations
  15. 2020 nr.623

    Lei, Lei Essays on labor and family economics in China
  16. 2020 nr.622

    Stienstra, Miranda The determinants and performance implications of alliance partner acquisition
  17. 2020 nr.621

    Popescu, Andreea Victoria Essays in asset pricing and auctions
  18. 2020 nr.620

    Fiedler, Clemens Innovation in the digital age
  19. 2020 nr.619

    Lous, Bjorn On free markets, income inequality, happiness and trust
  20. 2020 nr.618

    Niu, Zilong Essays in empirical asset pricing and international finance
  21. 2020 nr.617

    Maletic, M. Essays on international finance and empirical asset pricing