CentER PhD theses 2021

This is an overview of all CentER PhD theses of 2021.

All CentER PhD theses

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  1. 2021 nr.671

    Ding, Yang Antecedents and implications of legacy divestitures
  2. 2021 nr.670

    Nghona, Xolani From one dominant growth mode to another
  3. 2021 nr.669

    Kapons, Martin Essays on capital markets research in accounting
  4. 2021 nr.668

    van der Burgt, Bart Splitsing in de Wet op de vennootschapsbelasting 1969
  5. 2021 nr.667

    Zhang, Hongwei Empirical asset pricing and ensemble machine learning
  6. 2021 nr.666

    Baccianti, Claudio Essays in economic growth and climate policy
  7. 2021 nr.665

    Tancheva, Z. Essays on macro-finance and market anomalies
  8. 2021 nr.664

    Verplancke, Frederik Essays on corporate finance
  9. 2021 nr.663

    Moura, Ana Essays in health economics
  10. 2021 nr.662

    Apakan, H.T. Essays on two-dimensional signaling games
  11. 2021 nr.661

    Husiatyński, Maciej Three essays on individual behavior and new technologies
  12. 2021 nr.660

    ten Eikelder, Stefan Biologically-based radiation therapy planning and adjustable robust optimization
  13. 2021 nr.660

    Barahona, Ricardo Investor behavior and financial markets
  14. 2021 nr.659

    Koëter, Joren Essays on asset pricing, investor preferences, and derivative markets
  15. 2021 nr.658

    Roos, Ernst Robust approaches for optimization problems with convex uncertainty
  16. 2021 nr.657

    Li, Yuexin Pricing art: Returns, trust, and crises
  17. 2021 nr.656

    Fiala, Lenka Essays in the economics of education
  18. 2021 nr.655

    Heijmans, Roweno J.R.K. On Environmental Externalities and Global Games
  19. 2021 nr.654

    Boomsma, Mirthe On the transition to a sustainable economy
  20. 2021 nr.653

    Beddock, Arthur Asset pricing with heterogeneous agents and non-normal return distributions
  21. 2021 nr.652

    van Buggenum, Hugo Banks and financial markets in microfounded models of money
  22. 2021 nr.651

    Bonekamp, Johan Studies on labour supply, spending and saving before and after retirement
  23. 2021 nr.650

    Han, Tao Imperfect information in firm growth strategy
  24. 2021 nr.649

    Yang, Yadi Experiments on the hold-up problem and delegation
  25. 2021 nr.648

    Brouwer, Thijs Essays on behavioral responses to dishonest and anti-social decision making
  26. 2021 nr.647

    Wang, Xiaoyu Essays on microeconomic theory
  27. 2021 nr.646

    Bombaij, Nick Effectiveness of loyalty programs
  28. 2021 nr.645

    Liu, Manwei Interdependent individuals
  29. 2021 nr.644

    Wang, Tse-Min Voluntary contributions to public goods
  30. 2021 nr.643

    Remmerswaal, Minke Essays on financial incentives in the Dutch healthcare system
  31. 2021 nr.642

    Chila, Vilma Knowledge dynamics in employee entrepreneurship
  32. 2021 nr.641

    Koornneef, Stephanie It’s about time
  33. 2021 nr.640

    Badenbroek, Riley Interior point methods and simulated annealing for nonsymmetric conic optimization
  34. 2021 nr.639

    Jansen, Kristy Essays on institutional investors, portfolio choice, and asset prices
  35. 2021 nr.638

    Desai, Pranav Essays in corporate finance and innovation