CentER PhD theses 2022

This is an overview of all CentER PhD theses of 2022.

All CentER PhD theses

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  1. 2022 nr.Tilburg

    Ruan, Qinnan Management control systems and ethical decision making
  2. 2022 nr.695

    Aben, Tom The (long) road towards smart management and maintenance: Organising the digital transformation of critical infrastructures
  3. 2022 nr.694

    Berns, Joris CEO attention, emotion, and communication in corporate financial distress
  4. 2022 nr.693

    Wissing, Pepijn Spectral characterizations of complex unit gain graphs
  5. 2022 nr.692

    Schouten, Jop Cooperation, allocation and strategy in interactive decision-making
  6. 2022 nr.691

    Samranchit, Peerawat Competition in digital markets
  7. 2022 nr.690

    Xie, Mingjia Essays on education and health economics
  8. 2022 nr.689

    Uduwalage, Emil Essays on corporate governance in Sri Lanka
  9. 2022 nr.688

    Brosch, Daniel Symmetry reduction in convex optimization with applications in combinatorics
  10. 2022 nr.687

    Slot, Lucas Asymptotic analysis of semidefinite bounds for polynomial optimization and independent sets in geometric hypergraphs
  11. 2022 nr.686

    Duiverman, Sytse Four essays on the quality of auditing: Causes and consequences
  12. 2022 nr.685

    Butijn, Bert-Jan From legal contracts to smart contracts and back again: Towards an automated approach
  13. 2022 nr.684

    Upadhyay, Suraj Essays on policies to curb rising healthcare expenditures
  14. 2022 nr.683

    Greminger, Rafael Essays on consumer search
  15. 2022 nr.682

    Eckblad, Joshua Mind the Gales
  16. 2022 nr.681

    Shen, Lingbo Essays on behavioral finance and corporate finance
  17. 2022 nr.679

    Bies, Suzanne Examining the effectiveness of activation techniques on consumer behavior in temporary loyalty programs
  18. 2022 nr.678

    van Gils, Freek Essays on social media and democracy
  19. 2022 nr.677

    Paulick, Jan Financial market infrastructures
  20. 2022 nr.676

    Ahmed, Hanan Extreme value statistics using related variables
  21. 2022 nr.675

    de Vries, Martijn Theoretical asset pricing under behavioral decision making
  22. 2022 nr.674

    Wichert, Oliver Unit-Root tests in high-dimensional panels
  23. 2022 nr.673

    Avezum, Lucas Essays on bank regulation and supervision
  24. 2022 nr.672

    Ordoobody, Joobin Creativity