CentER PhD theses 2023

This is an overview of all CentER PhD theses of 2023.

All CentER PhD theses

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  1. 2023 nr.731

    de Kruijff, Joost Commitment-Based smart contracts using CommitRuleML
  2. 2023 nr.727

    van Eekelen, Wouter Distributionally robust views on queues and related stochastic models
  3. 2023 nr.726

    Erdenesuren, Lkhagvaa Expectation, anticipation, and identification
  4. 2023 nr.725

    van Leeuwen, Frederique Motifs
  5. 2023 nr.724

    Ahçi, Mustafa Essays on corporate disclosures, innovation, and investments
  6. 2023 nr.723

    Wang, Ke Essays in corporate risk
  7. 2023 nr.722

    Wipusanawan, Chayanin Standard-essential patents, innovation, and competition
  8. 2023 nr.721

    de Meijer, Frank Integrality and cutting planes in semidefinite programming approaches for combinatorial optimization
  9. 2023 nr.720

    Wu, Zhenshu Essays in corporate finance and ESG
  10. 2023 nr.719

    Vargas, Luis Sum-of-squares representations for copositive matrices and independent sets in graphs
  11. 2023 nr.718

    Steenkamp, Andries Polynomial optimization
  12. 2023 nr.717

    van Beek, Andries Solutions in multi-actor projects with collaboration and strategic incentives
  13. 2023 nr.716

    Zhang, Xiaoyue Distortions and industrial upgrading in China
  14. 2023 nr.715

    Liu, Yan Essays on credit rating agencies in China
  15. 2023 nr.714

    Rutten, Albert Essays on work and retirement
  16. 2023 nr.713

    Struijk, Mylène IT Governance in the digital era
  17. 2023 nr.712

    Kárpáti, Daniel Essays in finance & health
  18. 2023 nr.711

    Nguyen Huy, Tung Fostering sustainable land management in sub-Saharan Africa
  19. 2023 nr.710

    Jankauskas, Tomas Essays in empirical finance
  20. 2023 nr.709

    Escamilla, Rafael Managing the nanostore supply chain
  21. 2023 nr.708

    Su, Zili Essays on equity incentive and share pledging in China
  22. 2023 nr.707

    Kirschner, Felix Conic optimization with applications in finance and approximation theory
  23. 2023 nr.706

    Peters, Christian P. H. The microfoundations of audit quality
  24. 2023 nr.705

    de Nobrega, Kristel Cyber defensive capacity and capability:
  25. 2023 nr.704

    Ize, Fabien The role of transparency in fairness and reciprocity issues in manager-employee relationships
  26. 2023 nr.703

    Bonani, Michela Essays on innovation, cooperation, and competition under standardization
  27. 2023 nr.702

    Zheng, Yeqiu The effect of language and temporal focus on cognition, economic behaviour, and well-being
  28. 2023 nr.701

    Massenz, Gabriella On the behavioral effects of tax policy
  29. 2023 nr.700

    Gertsman, Gleb Behavioral preferences and beliefs in asset pricing
  30. 2023 nr.699

    Bohorquez Correa, Santiago Risk and rewards of residential energy efficiency
  31. 2023 nr.698

    Goossens, Jorgo Non-standard preferences in asset pricing and household finance
  32. 2023 nr.697

    An, Suwei Essays on incentive contracts, M&As, and firm risk
  33. 2023 nr.696

    Mirzaoglu, Gulbike Essays in economics of crime prevention and behavior under uncertainty