Student reserach

Student research

When does research fall under student research? Which steps have to be taken for student research?

Research projects by students conducted exclusively for educational purposes (e.g., as a thesis) that are not going to be published, do not need to apply for ethical clearance. Note that this exemption does not apply for higher risk projects. Examples of higher risk projects include:

  • When particularly sensitive data are collected
  • When participants are part of a vulnerable group
  • When participants can experience physical pain or mental distress

The supervisors should judge whether a student project falls into a “high risk” category or not, and when in doubt consult the department’s ERB committee member. When a student project is exempted from an ERB application, the supervisors should still make sure that students adhere to the standards of responsible research. 

A student should always be supervised by a supervisor, regardless of the purpose of the research. The supervisor has the final responsibility. The submission of the application must be done by the supervisor, since students do not have access to G.E.D. Started. 

To give students more information about data management and the GDPR, a LibGuide and a handout have been created. Supervisors can distribute these to their students.