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Support TSHD

The various forms of support that Tilburg University and the Graduate School offer for PhD candidates are visualized in the Circles of Support.

This infographic is a tool to help you find the right person for your questions and advice. At TSHD you, the PhD candidate, are the center and you are surrounded by different circles of support. In each circle, there are people who can be consulted depending on the type of question or issue you may have.

Please consult the Quick Reference Cards for where to find more general information for PhD candidates on matters related to the PhD trajectory.

STEP BY STEP: The route towards a PhD for candidates provides you with an overview of the PhD trajectory.

PhD Coordinator

Your first point of contact at the Graduate School is the PhD coordinator, María José Rodil Llera. The PhD coordinator can help you with any questions, advice, and support.

PhD Council

The TSHD PhD Council is a platform for and by PhD candidates of the School for Humanities and Digital Sciences and has representatives from each department within the School. The members of the TSHD PhD Council listen to the concerns of all PhD candidates and help searching for solutions. They bring together PhD candidates of TSHD, by fostering contact between PhD candidates (especially from the different departments of TSHD) and by organizing meetings around topics that are of interest for all PhD candidates.

Confidential Advisers

The role of the PhD adviser is primarily that of a confidant for PhD researchers affiliated to Tilburg Graduate School for Humanities and Digital Sciences, to support them if there are any personal problems. They play an active role in signaling and resolving such problems and, to that end, maintain regular contact with individual PhD researchers and supervisors.

The Graduate School for Humanities and Digital Sciences has two confidential advisers:

PhD Psychologist

The PhD psychologist offers psychological support when it comes to psychological problems caused by the PhD trajectory or directly affecting it. The PhD psychologist is specialized in short-term treatment of issues such as stress, lack of concentration and anxiety.

Every PhD student from Tilburg University can ask for an appointment. The information you share with the PhD psychologist is strictly confidential and will not be shared with others without your written, informed consent.

To read more about the PhD psychologist or to make an appointment, click here.


Tilburg PhD Platform (TiPP) is the consultation body for PhD candidates of the five Schools of Tilburg University. Activities of TiPP include advising parties in the University Council on PhD matters and supporting organized PhD councils or platforms at the Schools.

All PhD’s are represented by the PhD Network Netherlands (PNN) on a national level. PNN keeps in contact with many organizations that are connected to academia, such as The Association of Universities in The Netherlands (VSNU) and political parties. Furthermore, PNN is initiator and member of the European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers.