Research Tilburg School of Humanties and Digital Sciences

Research programs Humanities and Digital Sciences

With its research Tilburg University wants to contribute to the understanding of contemporary society. The Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences contributes to this goal by focusing its research on current societal transformation processes such as globalization, pluriformation, and digitalization, and their consequences for language, culture, and religion.


Research interests concern various aspects of linguistic and non-linguistic human communication and interaction. The research combines computational and experimental methods in a unique way. The Tilburg Center for Cognition and Communication (TiCC) hosts the research programs Language, Communication and Cognition and Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence.


Cultural complexity and dynamics in relation to language, culture, and religion form the central research focus of this domain. The focus is on the context of globalization and diversification on the one hand, and localization and regional identity on the other. The Department of Culture Studies hosts the research program Rapid Social and Cultural Transformation: Online & Offline.


Current social and cultural transformation processes call for analysis of the ethical consequences and reformulation of scientific approaches and models. The philosophers take the lead in this endeavor, with the relationship between rationality and society as a focal point. The Department of Philosophy houses the Tilburg Center for Moral Philosophy, Epistemology and Philosophy of Science (TiLPS).