CentER is a world-class research institute that draws on the academic expertise of some of the most outstanding minds in the field of economics and business.

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CentER Honors Program

The CentER Honors Program is a series of interactive lectures in which our best researchers actively discuss important papers and their scientific impact. A wide variety of research fields are covered: Accounting, Econometrics, Finance, Macroeconomics, Marketing, Microeconomics, Operations Research, and Organization & Strategy.

The program is open to third-year Bachelor’s students and Master’s students. A maximum of 35 students can participate.

Goal of the CentER Honors Program is to acquaint TiSEM's best students with research and research methods in economics and business. With this program, TiSEM also wants to draw students' attention to the CentER's Research Master’s programs.

The CentER Honors Program:

  • Is our excellence program, targeted at top Tilburg University students;
  • Offers the opportunity for in-depth research study methods;
  • Covers all fields of research in both economics and business;
  • Is taught by a number of the faculty's most outstanding scientists;
  • Lets students decide which fields to study;
  • Is an extra-curricular program, which may earn you 7 up to 11 ECTS;
  • Is open to a maximum of 35 highly motivated students;
  • Involves writing a research paper;
  • Is concluded with the awarding of a certificate.

The program features intensive lectures, small groups, involvement of students, self-study, and room for interaction. Much emphasis lies on academic-scientific skills, such as conducting discussions, doing research, and writing essays.