Kick-off of the TAISIG Talks

Kick Off: TAISIG Talks

Date: Time: 17:00 Location: Online

The TAISIG team is pleased to announce the first edition of the 2021 TAISIG Talks. The TAISIG Talks feature a series of short online presentations on a broad variety of topics related to recent developments and achievements of Tilburg University in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

**This event has already taken place**

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  • Chris Emmery

    Chris Emmery

    PhD Candidate and Lecturer (TSHD)

    Chris Emmery is a PhD candidate in Machine Learning & NLP for privacy/security at the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences. His interest lies in the effect of intelligent systems on our lives. Systems that retrieve our personal information, monitor and change our behaviour, subtly limit our exposure to information, and treat us unfairly. His current research focuses on the dual use of computational stylometry. His thesis presents open-source tools to better understand and defend against such privacy-invading techniques.

  • TLS - Esther Keymolen

    Esther Keymolen

    Associate Professor (TLS)

    Esther Keymolen is Associate Professor of Philosophy of Data-Driven Technology at Tilburg Law School. With a background in philosophy of technology and data ethics, she analyses the way technologies mediate our interactions. The starting point of her multidisciplinary research is to understand how people deal with their privacy in everyday life. Methodologically, it draws on case studies and refers to practical problems. Theory building on experiential aspects of privacy contributes to research in the philosophy of technology and to the socio-legal debate on privacy and data protection. 

  • Eric Postma - Vierkant

    Eric Postma

    Hoogleraar (TSHD)

    Eric Postma is Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences and the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS).  His PhD in 1994 at Maastricht University concerned a biologically inspired model of covert attention and served as inspiration for his current research, which focuses on the use of data science (machine learning) in image recognition and cognitive modelling. How should society deal with AI? In his essay, Professor Postma gives a mild and sober overview of AI and describes how we should transform into a digital society. 


TAISIG is the Tilburg University Artificial Intelligence Special Interest Group: a research community committed to AI. TAISIG specializes in AI methodology & algorithms, AI concepts and applications, and ELSA (Ethical, Legal and Societal Aspects of AI).

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