TILEC - Economic Governance and Legitimacy

Mission Statement TILEC

TILEC’s vision is to continue being a global leader in the research on economic governance at the frontier between law and economics, known for its interdisciplinary method, path-breaking research output, societal relevance, and impact.

Our vision is set in motion through maintaining an active, outward-oriented research environment producing high-quality publications; use of innovative research methods; constant attraction of young talent; active involvement in education and training activities; a continuous flow of high-level external speakers from the academic and policy world; organization of world-class conferences and workshops; regular acquisition of funds from external (i.e. outside Tilburg University) sources; and effective communication of research results to the relevant academic and societal circles.

This vision is articulated around three dimensions: topic, research themes, and method. While we intend method to be generously defined (incorporating the methods of our two parent disciplines, but adding the interdisciplinary perspective) and themes to be evolving over time, the topic of research, as described in the following section, is what connects all TILEC members. The distinguishing feature of law and economics as practiced at TILEC is that it brings together legal scholars and economists who are willing to learn from and interact with each other. TILEC members hold the shared belief that interaction between the two disciplines can create a fertile ground for interdisciplinary research but also improve greatly monodisciplinary research.

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