Tilburg Sustainability Center

About TSC

The multidisciplinary Tilburg Sustainability Center (TSC) was founded in 2009 at Tilburg University. It hosts researchers from the Schools of Economics and Management, Law, Social and Behavorial Sciences, TiasNimbas Business School and the regional sustainable development institute Telos.

Our research

Our main research areas are: Climate Action & Resource Efficiency, Corporate Social Responsibility, the Economics of Biodiversity, Social Innovation and Sustainability & Governance. Read more on our research themes. Collaborative research between economists, law scientists, sociologists and related disciplines on fundamental and applied research, makes TSC excellently placed to study today's societal sustainability challenges. Read more on our research themes.

Our mission

TSC aims to contribute to the national and international debate about sustainability and sustainable growth among researchers, executives, politicians, students and civil society. To gain insights, TSC can build on the excellent disciplinary expertise of our own researchers, pushes out the frontiers of multidisciplinary research and maintains partnerships with other (inter)national institutions, the business community and (various layers of) governments. In sharing our research outcomes and solutions, TSC hopes to provide a benefit to society.

TSC activities

Tilburg Sustainability Center's major activities are the participation in (inter)national research programs and a broad set of research projects. Our researchers also teach (under)graduates and postgraduates. To publicize research results and promote both academic and public debate, TSC organizes and participates in both internal and external seminars, conferences, public lectures and other outreach events. Our researchers regularly connect to the public via articles and interviews in different media. Some contributions can be found in this outreach dossier.

Our team

The researchers within TSC operate on the interface of economics, ethics and law. To get to know us, have a look at our Research Team.

Research visitors

Research visitors wishing to conduct research at TSC for a short period of time, are encouraged to apply directly to tsc@tilburguniversity.edu indicating "Research visitors" as a subject. In order to process the application, the following documents are required:

  • a complete CV, including relevant publications;
  • a motivation letter indicating the preferable period of visitation;
  • a one-page research proposal with a working plan;
  • a one-page proposal indicating what your contribution to TSC would be and how TSC would contribute to enrich your professional development. The proposal should indicate the researcher(s) with whom you like to collaborate and a justification for this selection;
  • a detailed description of the available funds (and its source) for the period of the visit.

Please be aware that we do not provide financial funds for research visitors. However, TSC will provide office space and access to basic facilities, such as Tilburg University library and printing facilities. Although we provide administrative advice regarding visas, travel and accommodation arrangements, the final arrangements should be carried out by the applicant. There are no fixed deadlines for submitting applications. Please keep in mind that the selection process could take up to a month. Only complete applications submitted by the indicated channel will be evaluated.