Graduated at Tilburg University

Alumni Mentor Program

Do you see a certain career path for yourself and do you want to know more about it? What will it be like in reality? What steps do you need to take to get there? You can learn from our alumni who have already walked the path you envision for yourself! During a meeting you can ask all kinds of questions about his or her career. Which choices were important? What does an employer expect from a young professional? Join our Alumni Mentor Program to get a better insight into your career opportunities!

Discover our Alumni Mentor Program

Checklist: who can join the Alumni Mentor Program?

  • You are a student at Tilburg University or you graduated less than one year ago.
  • You have a career path in mind that you want to explore further.
  • You have a curious attitude and are not afraid to ask questions.
  • You have the time to meet an alumnus and prepare yourself beforehand.
  • You want to find out more about your future career possibilities.

How can you apply?

Student Career Services organizes the contact, you and your mentor determine the content of this collaboration.

  1. Schedule an appointment with the Career Services Officer of your School
  2. Together you will find out which alumni mentor is right for you.
  3. After receiving the contact details of the alumnus, you send a message to your potential mentor.
  4. Together you can schedule a meeting and determine the form and extent of your contact (online/offline, will there be a follow up?).
  5. Afterwards, you will receive an evaluation form. What have you learned from this? Let us know!

By means of a phone call, Zoom meeting, walk around the neighborhood, and a cup of coffee, I have gained very useful understandings of how the alumni mentors experienced their studies, the role they are currently in, and what their day-to-day tasks entail.

Anouk Hultermans, Tilburg University student