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Welcome to your alumni network with more than 90,000 members, spread all over the globe. When you graduate, you automatically become part of this network. In this way, you will always stay connected to your Alma Mater. After graduation, Tilburg University still has a lot to offer you. All you need to do, is make sure we can reach you.

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As a graduate, you can stay involved with the university in several ways. For example by becoming a member of an alumni association or by visiting one of our events.  You can also really mean something for the university; for instance by mentoring a student or recent graduate. On the other hand, looking for a mentor? Sign up as a mentee. Enough options!

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  • Coach cafe participant Sjors van der Steen

    Sjors van der Steen

    Participant Coach Café

    Participating in Coach Café is valuable to me because it allows you to stay involved with the university in an informal, noncommittal way! In addition, it is nice to share experiences with contemporaries who walk the same career path and coaches who have already walked the career path I aim for.

  • Coach cafe coach Jacques Bosman

    Jacques Bosmans

    Coach during Coach Café

    The added value is to understand the needs of these young people. Why is coaching desirable and how can we improve/change processes (if necessary)? My experience concerns competence development focused on the typology of those who want to be coached.

  • Areana Hortensius

    Areana Hortensius

    Stewardship & campagne manager

    The volunteer program is a great way to involve young and old alumni within the global alumni network of Tilburg University. A spearhead within this program is the matching of alumni based on study background: direct added value.

Lifelong learning

When you have finished studying at Tilburg University, learning does not stop. Therefore, the university offers all graduates the possibility to make use of various opportunities to keep developing themselves at a discount. By taking masterclasses for example.

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As a graduate of Tilburg University, you can make use of various facilities with a wide range of products and services: including opportunities to continue learning, career advice and training, a sports card and library facilities.

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