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GoinGlobal helps both new and experienced job seekers find job opportunities, either at home or abroad. It is a must-visit platform for students who want to work, study, or do an internship abroad. Also for international students who want to do an internship, work or study in the Netherlands, GoinGlobal is a great starting point.

GoinGlobal provides:

  • Unlimited access to more than 16 million job and internship listings.
  • 42 country career guides (including the Netherlands) packed with constantly updated, expert advice on hiring trends, work permits/visa regulations, professional and social networking, interview advice, and more.
  • Expert guidelines for creating culturally correct resumes.
  • Global employer directory.

Access to GoinGlobal

A link to the GoinGlobal platform can be found on the Career Portal dashboard (on the right).

Personal account

There is a possibility to create a personal account on GoinGlobal to save all relevant information you found. Creating this account is free for Tilburg University students.

GoinGlobal Training Session

Do you want to attend a training session on how GoinGlobal works? When you are logged in to the platform you will find the option 'Training' in the top righthand corner. If you click on this, you can register for online training about the functioning of GoinGlobal for students & alumni.


  • Over 16 million job and internship listings worldwide
  • 42 country career guides packed with expert advice
  • Expert guidelines for creating culturally correct CVs
Access GoinGlobal via the link at the right side on the Career Portal dashboard