all too human festival

ALL too HUMAN festival

Date: Time: 13:00 Location: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst

What does diversity mean? How can we manage to make our history more inclusive? And what role do philosophers hove in doing so? These are the kind of questions that will be central during ALL too HUMAN, a one-day festival organized by MAP (Minorities and Philosophy) from Tilburg University. A day full of philosophy, art and – not to forget – celebration, all of which will revolve around themes of diversity and inclusion.

For the third edition of ALL too HUMAN, the central theme of the festival will be ‘Rewriting History.’ By means of lectures, workshops, music and art exhibitions, we will create a space to critically reflect upon history, as well as getting to know new perspectives and listening to the less known stories of our history.

Rewriting history?

‘Rewriting’ doesn’t mean ‘removing’ the painful aspects from our history. It rather means to reevaluate those aspects, by involving new ideas and testimonies of those people who have long been excluded from history, often on the basis of their belonging to an oppressed minority. Take for instance the hidden history of disability in the Netherlands, the influence of post-colonialism on certain dance styles, or the role that pride takes in the rewriting of our history.

Right now, we must depend on the people in positions of power to tell ‘our’ shared history, while it is in their interest to maintain the status quo. Therefore, we want to raise awareness to those stories that have long been forgotten or ignored, because in the end, these are essential for enriching our knowledge and creating a more inclusive society. In a time where democracy is under pressure, it is crucial to find community in the rewriting of our collective and personal histories.