Information security

Information security

At Tilburg University we take all kinds of measures to secure our information. You also have a responsibility in this. You can read here what this responsibility is and how to put it into practice.

Information security policy

At Tilburg University we are doing our level best to protect information and to ensure the continuity of our processes. In this way, we prevent information from being lost, from becoming public knowledge, and from being unavailable. Our information security policy describes the basis principles for this.

Read more about the information security policy 

Advice and support by the CISO-office

The CISO-office is the first point of contact for advice and support of information security. The CISO-office is concerned with implementing the information security policy and supervising its execution. You can contact them for advice and support for classifying security risks, taking security measures and creating awareness about information security. 

More information about the CISO Office can be found on the intranet.

What can I do as an employee?

For employees there are procedures and models available via intranet (login required). The pages below provide more information on information security to consider in your daily work.