Eigen computer of laptop gebruiken

Use of own computer or laptop (BYOD)

Preferably work on a Tilburg University laptop or PC. They are equipped with various security features, such as an encrypted hard disk, an antivirus program, and an active firewall. Do you not have a laptop or PC from Tilburg University and use your own equipment via Remote Desktop? Then you must take extra safety measures yourself.

1. Replace your laptop on time

If you use a laptop that is several years old, you may still be able to work on it, but you may run a security risk. For example, you may no longer be able to install the latest version of the operating system (such as Windows and macOS). Therefore make sure that your laptop is still supported by the supplier, because if your laptop can no longer be updated, it is time to replace it.

2. Update (system) software

Check software versions and security updates regularly and update (automatically) to the latest recommended version. The latest version of the software is not only there to improve user-friendliness, but also to close a security hole.

3. Disable access to system settings

If possible, create a separate personal account for daily use and one for managing your laptop. This prevents unwanted adjustments to the device as much as possible.

4. Access protection

Protect access to files and system software with a security method such as a password, passcode, fingerprint/facial scan, and/or security key.

5. Encrypt

Encrypt your hard drive where company information is stored. This prevents storage media from being physically read in the event that a device is stolen.

6. Install a virus scanner and anti-malware software

Minimize the risk of viruses, ransomware and spyware by installing anti-malware software and a virus scanner on the device. And make sure that the virus scanner updates itself automatically.

7. Only use software from reliable sources

Reliable sources are generally app stores or software vendor download locations.

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