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Questions arising from email ‘Check your information in the electoral register of Tilburg University’

Published: 07th February 2024 Last updated: 07th February 2024

This morning, an email was sent to all employees and students through the external party Inkesta (voting application) regarding an information check in the electoral register. As this e-mail is marked as ‘external’ in Outlook, it has generated a number of questions amongst fellow colleagues and students. We appreciate everyone’s awareness when it comes to (cyber) security risks. The email concerning your information in the electoral register can be considered secure.

Emails coming from external email addresses have been marked as external in Outlook since last month. This is a security measure that helps you identify phishing, spam and other malicious emails from external senders. Note: the flagging does not mean it is a phishing or spam e-mail. It’s merely a quick way to see that the e-mail does not come from an internal source. 

Curious to find out how you can recognize a phishing email? You can read more information on this page