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Careful handling of personal data and data

How do I change the password of my university account?

Create a strong password

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How do I create a strong password?

  • Use a saying, a sentence from a song or any different sentence you can easily remember. Set the first letters of each word as your password. Also use a few uppercase letters and punctuation marks.
  • Use a unique password for each account. Internet criminals often try out a stolen password on as many different internet services as possible. Websites where you have an account may also be hacked. If criminals get hold of your password, they won't have diret acces to all your accounts.
  • Where possible, use two-factor authentication.It is a secure method of logging in as it requires a second code of password to confirm your identity, for instance a question to which only you know the answer, or an authentication code via  a text message or a phone app that generate codes, e.g. Google Authenticator.

Do not share passwords via email or shared documents and do not leave any notes with passwords lying around. Keep your passwords in an encrypted document and don't share them with others.