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What does the Tilburg Educational Profile imply for our students?


To grow into ‘thinkers of character’, it is not enough to simply attend lectures and pass exams. Some character-building activities are integrated into the curriculum, such as classes in philosophy (12 EC for Bachelor’s programs). However, the 21st century has its own, complex problems for which students need to be prepared. In order to prepare students for these challenges, Tilburg University stimulates students to participate in extracurricular activities, such as participation in the University Council or School Council, active participation in student associations and societies, in honors programs or outreaching programs, activities of Studium Generale, etc. These will enable active students to learn skills and create networks which will facilitate professional opportunities.

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This will be an important means to enhance character building. Not only during their education are students invited to take responsibility for their own development; once they are graduated and function as professionals, they are required to reflect on their own role within a team, in a larger organizational context, and in society at large. Self-assessment tools will be introduced in the programs.

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Small-scale classes and mentoring

Tilburg students are part of a learning community in which they develop and grow. Degree programs with a relatively large number of students will apply the principle of ‘small within large’. Students will be part of a smaller core group - a ‘Class’ - which is kept together during at least one year of the program and coached by a dedicated Mentor Team.

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Tilburg Education Profile - Robin de Hoon

Developing 21st-Century Skills

Debating skills, presentation skills, digital knowledge, etc. are directly applicable during classes or assignments. The development of certain specific skills requires special training courses or course components.

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