The Resillience Project

Video lecture 'The Resilience Project: fail, fail again, fail better' - Tessa Leesen and Ellen Dreezens

During the Education Bazaar 2019 Tessa Leesen and Ellen Dreezens gave an interactive session on 'the Resilience Project'. They discussed several topics regarding resilience with the audience.

They started by stating that, of the students who drop out of their Bachelor's program early, or incur study delay, many do so as a result of personal, psychological, or psychiatric problems. For this problem, the University College Tilburg is developing 'The Resilience Project'.

It’s goal is to realize ambitions by integrating an academic and interdisciplinary module on failure, into the first-year curriculum of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The project offers students resilience training and a so-called 'Failing Forward Event'.

Watch the lecture