Fransje Gimbrère

Physis (2023, textile 3D)
Foyer Koopmans Building

Making of the "Physis" artwork

The artwork 'Physis' was created in 2023 by the Tilburg artist Fransje Grimbrėre using resources from the fund that Wim van de Donk received in 2020 on the occasion of his retirement as Commissioner of the King from many citizens and businesses in Brabant, with the intention of supporting a young Brabant artist. The work created with it has been donated to Tilburg University.

Thanks to all generous donors, the Textielmuseum, the Prince Bernard Cultural Fund, and of course, to Fransje Grimbrėre. Special thanks also to the university's construction department, Marc Mulders, Hebe Verstappen, Karin Braks, Jan Speelman, Verily Klaassen, and Pieter Siebers for their cooperation in this special project.


More about history and academic heritage

The Tilburg University academic heritage is a very diverse set of archives, visual materials, collections, devices, recorded stories, et cetera that relate to the history of the university.