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Preview Annual Report 2023

Every year, Tilburg University produces an annual report to provide accountability to its stakeholders and society. In this annual report, we report on the policies and results of the past year.

Tilburg University in 2023


Bachelor's students: 11,412

Pre Master's students: 1,585

Master's students: 6,500


Dutch: 80,645

International: 11,837


Of which 55.7% academic staff

About the annual report

The annual report is an accountability and reference document about the previous year. The report consists of two parts: the Executive Board report and the annual statement of accounts. The Board’s report is about the policies and results in the areas of education, research, operations, and our collaborations, among other things. We also render account with respect to the Quality Agreements for Higher Education, the National Support Program for Education (NPO), and the Administrative Agreement on Higher Education and Research. In the second part, the annual statement of accounts, we set out the financial accountability in tables and explanatory notes.

The annual report is published as a PDF file. For this document, we follow the guidelines that apply to annual reporting for universities established by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. 

The full annual report 2023 will be published in April.

The year 2023

On this website, we like to share some fun facts, important news, and inspiring stories of 2023. We have listed them for you below.

Humans of Tilburg University

"By coming to Tilburg, I have grown socially, personally, and professionally."

Read the story of Carlijne Rip, Master's student
Carlijne Rip

​“I would like to stimulate diversity in computer science and make it fun for children.”

Read the story of Soraya van Swieten, Bachelor's student
Soraya van Swieten

“For this position, it is important to adopt a broad perspective and represent all students.”

Read the story of Tijs van der Zanden, student-assessor to the Executive Board
Tijs van der Zanden