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Jan Cremers (TLS) reappointed in management board of European Labour Authority

Published: 08th February 2024 Last updated: 08th February 2024

Dr. Jan Cremers has been reappointed at the end of 2023 for a new 4-year term as an independent expert on the management board of the European Labour Authority. Cremers was involved at an early stage in the preparation and set-up of this new European institution and was again nominated by the European Parliament.

The European Labour Authority, established on the basis of Regulation (EU) 2019/1149, aims to contribute to ensuring fair and effective labour mobility throughout the EU and supports the Member States and the European Commission in coordinating social security systems in the EU. ELA works towards an improvement of information to mobile workers and companies, facilitates in concrete cases joint inspections and other cooperation of the national competent authorities and the application of mediation, conciliation and interpretation mechanisms in case of disputes.