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School Council Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

The School Council plays an important role in the faculty. The Council can advise the Management Team, solicited or not, about e.g. the school's budget, the education and research plan, proceedings for appointing professors, annual accounts, and the annual report.

The Council has right of consent about certain matters (e.g. School's regulations, part of the education and exam regulations and the strategic plan).

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The School Council consists of fourteen members: seven students and seven members of staff. For the student seats elections are held each year, and staff seats are up for election every two years.

Members of the School Council 2023-2024

Student members Active TSB


  • Tessa van den Berg
  • Floortje Bras
  • Sophie Cunnen
  • Nienke van Dijk
  • Aïda Engels (Vice Chair)

More about Active TSB

Active TSB is a new student party in the School Council, founded in 2020. Introduced as an initiative by Student Party Front, Active TSB aims to represent the active student of the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral sciences. The student party is run by students who are all active besides their study themselves, and we want to make it more accessible for you to perform extracurricular activities besides your study.

A committee, a (part-time/full-time) board year or an internship? We at Active TSB believe that it can be a valuable asset to your student time and that it is important that your School supports you! And that's where we come in... Every six weeks, Active TSB members meet in the School Council meeting together with the other student and staff members, with the Management Team to discuss how we can make TSB a better, more accessible place for you to expand your possibilities in becoming active, but also to make it a good and stable place to study besides your extracurricular activities.

The strength in Active TSB lies in the cooperation with other student bodies. With an Active party founded in the four biggest Schools of Tilburg University (TiSEM, TLS, TSB and TSHD), knowledge and experience can be shared so we can learn from each other as Schools. We believe that more communication and cooperation can lead to a better education and overall student time. We strive to be innovative and refreshing, and to provide a new perspective within the School Council! With two seats gained in its first elections, it shows that the students of TSB were ready for a new party!

If you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to contact us! Via e-mail ( or via phone (+31612028259).

Student members Fraction Stimulus


  • Joshua van Bokhoven
  • Luca Schnitzeler
Kamer: P3.106