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Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Understanding people’s behavior in a changing society
The world in which we live and work is changing dramatically. Keeping up with the times is far from self-evident. As TSB we want to understand how people function as individuals, in relationships, in organizations and in society. We want to enhance adaptability, mental resilience and control over health and well-being.

TSB - strategic plan infographic


Check out our strategy in our infographic or read more below.

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TSB - strategic plan infographic


  • Build a solid career with a focus on education
  • Be part of education tracks fitting for today’s students

If teaching is your passion and your strength, at TSB you can follow a career path towards a permanent position based on education. Educators at TSB help design and teach programs in digital social sciences, where students can take courses from a broad range of disciplines. 

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TSB - strategic plan infographic


  • Do research that transcends your discipline
  • Combine your theoretical and practical strengths

At TSB we work more and more in interdisciplinary teams that combine the strengths of all social disciplines to answer research questions. We offer the opportunity to build your own mix of fundamental research to deepen your knowledge and applied research to provide answers to society. 

More about our research 

More about our interdisciplinary Herbert Simon Research Institute


  • Co-create solutions for societal challenges
  • Profit from long-term relations with societal partners

At TSB we work together with citizens, professionals, policy makers, managers and entrepreneurs to study and solve real-world challenges. Share data, meet people and craft solutions in collaborative centers that have evolved for over 20 years. 

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