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Two bachelor student teams from the CSAI program won International BCI hackathon

Published: 11th November 2022 Last updated: 11th November 2022

For a third time in a row, two bachelor student teams from the CSAI program won the International BCI hackathon. A total of 167 participants in 38 teams took part in the BR41N.IO BCI Hackathon worldwide. This is a prestigious event in the domain of neural engineering and brain-computer interfacing where many researchers and graduate students come together to innovate in two days of intense coding. The event took place on October 9-10 (36 hours non-stop hacking). Three teams could receive an award and two of the CSAI teams were rewarded for their projects.

Last month, 25 students from our CSAI program participated in the international BR41N.IO hackathon. The BR41N.IO Brain-Computer Interface Designers Hackathon has been created as an education opportunity to explore unlimited possibilities of brain-computer interfaces and neurotechnologies in creative, scientific and clinical fields.

Innovative and exceptional BCI applications

BR41N.IO helps students and professionals to apply and integrate artificial intelligence, neuroscience, art and technology in order to develop innovative and exceptional BCI applications. Dr. Maryam Alimardani from Tilburg University with the help from study association Enigma hosted the on-site event in the Netherlands for the third time, providing the teams from Dutch universities with workspaces, access to EEG devices and brain-computer interface technology at MindLabs. 

From the three available prizes, two were awarded to the CSAI teams. The award-winning teams were: 
-    Team BrainiHacks (presenting BrainiHEART) including Anita Vrins, Caterina Ceccato, Jos Prinsen and Ethel Pruss. They received the IEEE SMC WINNER prize worth $1000 for the project ‘Controlling a robot in Tilburg by a person in Prague' using the Unicorn Hybrid Black and P300 speller. 

-    Team Re-emote, including members: Spatika Gujran, Katarzyna Klęczek, Giulio Tosato, Paula Šego. They took home the IEEE BR41N.IO WINNER prize (also worth $1000) for the project ‘Sending the EEG signals recorded with Unicorn Hybrid Black to a robot (NAO) in order to help the user communicate emotions through EEG signals.'

Other CSAI student teams that participated in the event and presented their projects were: 
-    Team Hack 'n' Whack including members: Guido Morera, Dennis Lindberg, Alexandra Hooser, Raya Mezeklieva 
-    Team Minerva including members: Andrei Lixandru, Cesare Dalbagno, Fuma Fumagalli, Alex Bicu, Antoni Elkenbracht
-    Team BrAIngel including members: Arnas Bielinis, Barbora Hájková, David Magaram, Vint Leenaars

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