Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence

Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence

Gain in-depth knowledge of human cognition and the working of computers that are capable of intelligent behavior. 

BSc Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence

3 years English Starts end of August

In the Bachelor’s program Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence you learn about artificial intelligence (the study of computers and software that can perform intelligent behavior) combined with the science of human cognition: the study of thinking, language, learning, and mental representations in relation to other psychological processes which involve attention, observation, memory, use of language, and decision making. This combination enables you to develop technological innovations that benefit society.





Short overview of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence

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  • Niklas Limacher

    Niklas Limacher

    Bachelor's student

    "Just like a plane doesn’t fly like a bird, artificial intelligence will most likely not be anything like human intelligence. Still, our brain is a great place to look for inspiration and I can’t wait to explore the many advancements being made in neuroscience & AI."

  • Massimiliano Garzoni di Adorgnano

    Massimiliano Garzoni di Adorgnano

    Bachelor's student

    "This course is concerned with some of the most challenging questions about the human mind and human intelligence, their beauty, and their applications with technology."

  • Bachelor student CSAI Willemijn Weterings

    Willemijn Weterings

    Bachelor's student

    "I find the broad, multidisciplinary aspect of cognitive science - applied specifically to technological developments - very attractive. To be part of such a rapidly developing field is truly something unique."

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Are you and Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence a match? If you...

  • are good at logical reasoning, analyzing and have a creative mindset

  • are curious about how computers and robots show intelligent behavior

  • are interested in being at the forefront of how technological innovations can be used in a responsible way to benefit society

Then this is the program for you!