Bachelor Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence

Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence BSc

3 years English Starts end of August

The interdisciplinary Bachelor’s program Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence integrates the study of artificial intelligence with the study of human cognition. The program offers a balanced mix of theory and practice and includes courses on programming, Machine learning and Deep learning. Covering topics such as human-technology interaction and Human-AI teaming, the program equips you to develop technological innovations that benefit society.

Education as of September 2022

All education takes place on campus again, now that the coronavirus measures have been scaled back. Of course, we will always maintain a safe environment for our students and staff. Therefore, a few basic measures still apply. For the latest updates on the COVID-19 situation, see our FAQs for prospective students.





Short overview of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence

Program and courses

Program content

In this English-taught program, you focus on artificial intelligence, human cognition and technological innovation and ask questions like:  "Can computers interpret human emotions in a reliable way? How does our brain process all the impulses which it receives and how does it respond to virtual and augmented reality?  How does communication between humans and robots work? And what forms of artificial intelligence can we expect in the (near) future?"

  • In the first year you take introductory courses in the fields of artificial intelligence and human cognition in addition to developing basic programming skills. 
  • In the second year you deepen your knowledge.  You will apply your knowledge and skills within themes such as Machine Learning and Human-Computer and Human-Robot-Interaction. You will also gain experience in doing research.
  • In the third year you take the last specialization courses (for example: Introduction to Machine Learning and Advanced Programming). You also do a minor in which you choose between gaining in-depth knowledge within your program or broadening your perspective by taking courses of another discipline at Tilburg University, a different university in the Netherlands or even abroad. You finish your studies with a Bachelor’s Thesis. 

A short impression of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence (video - 2:21 min)

Typical courses are:

  • Language, Cognition and Computation
    Investigate how language is processed in the mind and whether computers can simulate this process. Also dive deeper into the question how much meaning can be extracted from language.
  • Autonomous Systems
    Gain insight into the mechanisms behind natural and cognitive phenomena, with a focus on how to model these in simulations and robots. Also obtain hands-on experience with the programming of robots.
  • Introduction to Deep Learning
    Delve into the fundamentals of Deep Learning and learn about the main building blocks of Deep Neural Networks and the primary algorithms used to train them. Also develop practical skills to apply Deep Learning techniques to a variety of problems through hands-on sessions and project-based assignments.

More on the program and courses

Why this Bachelor's program in Tilburg?

Study Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence in Tilburg

  • The program focuses on developing applications for Human-AI teaming and hybrid intelligence, which aims to expand human intellect (by combining human and machine intelligence) rather than to replace it.  
  • Education is offered in a state-of-the art environment with several labs, including Mind Labs, a Robot Lab and a Virtual and Mixed Reality Lab.  
  • The courses offered include current research conducted in the field of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence. Like this, you are constantly up-to-date on the latest developments. The program has, for example, its own Virtual and Augmented Reality Lab, a Robotics Lab and Computing Clusters, where students, scientists, and external stakeholders work together on innovative projects. 
  • The program is built on a balanced mix of theory and practice and promotes ‘learning by doing’: during your studies, you are confronted with real-world problems and become acquainted with the application of AI in commercial and organizational settings, e.g. by participating in projects with external partners. 
  • Ethics and AI is an integrated part of the program, stimulating you to develop AI solutions that are ethical and sustainable.

What to expect when coming to Tilburg

Beyond your Bachelor's: Extracurricular Activities

Beyond your Bachelor's: Extracurricular Activities

  • Join our study organization Flow. They organize formal and informal activities for members, such as company visits and get-togethers.
  • Challenge yourself by participating in our honors program.

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After your Bachelor's

Pursue a Master's degree

Most of our students continue towards a master’s degree after completing their bachelor's program. After you have finished your bachelor’s program, you can opt for the MSc Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence of Tilburg University, or an AI master in the Netherlands or abroad.

Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence is part of KION (Kunstmatige Intelligentie-Opleidingen in Nederland). This means that you have access to the AI Master’s programs offered by Dutch universities that are also part of KION, being: UvA, VU, RUG, UM, UU and Radboud.

Want to continue your studies in a different field? Use your minor to follow some required courses that prepare you for a (Pre-)Master’s program in your preferred field of study.

Career prospects

Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence prepares you for a successful career in science, business or consultancy . Developments in this field are extremely rapid, and well-trained specialists are in great demand. You can, for example, become a  web analyst, social media analyst, data journalist, intelligent software developer, social robot developer or technology consultant. 

 Read more about your career prospects

Application and admission

Please follow the national application and admission procedure (in Dutch) if you are applying based on a Dutch vwo or hbo-p diploma, regardless of your nationality. A general description of the national application procedure is also available in English.

Admission requirements

  • To be eligible for admission to a research university such as Tilburg University, you must have a high school diploma equal to the highest level of secondary education in the Netherlands (the Dutch vwo diploma).
  • As this Bachelor’s program is taught entirely in English, you must prove your English language proficiency
  • A good knowledge of mathematics is important for being successful in this Bachelor’s program. In order to be admitted, you must therefore prove that you have sufficient knowledge of mathematics.

You can find more detailed information about the admission requirements on this program's 'Application and admission' page.

Go to application and admission

Tuition fees and monthly cost of living

Tuition fees

When you wish to study at Tilburg University, you must pay a tuition fee.

  • Tuition fees cover the cost of lectures and facilities provided by the university, such as the extensive university library, Wi-Fi on campus, and symposia and other meetings.
  • Tuition fees at Tilburg University are always for one full academic year.

More information on the tuition fees and rates

Estimated monthly costs of living

Besides the tuition fees, you will have living costs and other expenses. You will find life in Tilburg relatively inexpensive compared to life in other Dutch university cities, such as Amsterdam and Utrecht. The approximate cost of living is between € 715 and € 1,215 per month.

(Furnished) accommodation € 350 - 750 per month
Foods & Drinks € 200 - 300 per month
Books & Readers € 65 per month
Insurance € 100 per month
Sport membership + € 139.95 per year
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Do you want more information on this Bachelor's program?

  • Jaimy


    Bachelor's student

    "What excites me the most about this study is that we dive deep into the multidisciplinary study of mind and cognition, and how we can apply it to AI. We are living in a digitalized society, and it's incredibly unique to be at the forefront of the newest technological advancements!"

  • Fahad


    Bachelor's student

    "In this dynamically changing world, AI is the fastest moving technology impacting society and the way we visualize our surroundings. This program, with respect to its contents, provides great insight into this rich field of study."

    Ask Fahad a question

  • Bachelor student CSAI Willemijn Weterings


    Bachelor's student

    "I find the broad, multidisciplinary aspect of cognitive science - applied specifically to technological developments - very attractive. To be part of such a rapidly developing field is truly something unique."

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Are you and Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence a match? If you...

  • are good at logical reasoning, analyzing and have a creative mindset

  • are curious about how computers and robots show intelligent behavior

  • are interested in being at the forefront of how technological innovations can be used in a responsible way to benefit society

Then this is the program for you!