Onias Landveld, man

Roots and Cassava – Stories of my Origin

Date: Time: 16:45 Location: Black Box, Esplanade building, Tilburg University

A theatre performance about what it is like to live between two worlds, four cultures and six languages. While the foundation of storyteller Onias Landveld lies in Suriname, he took root in the Dutch soil. From this unique point of view he ascends the stage. (English)

Time: 16:45-17:45 hrs.
Admission is free, only accessible for students and employees of Tilburg University. Limited number of places: registration required.

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Theatre performance by Onias Landveld

Onias Landveld is a Surinamese born Storyteller. As a child of parents from two different maroon cultures, he considers himself: dark on both sides, in other words he is black squared. The bedrock of his being lies in the jungles of Surinam, but he has sprouted roots in the Netherlands.

The former City Poet of Tilburg takes the viewer from 1753 to the present and tells about, the origins of his name, the civil war, diaspora, slavery, identity and finding a place in a society that was not really made for him as a black man.

Roots and Cassava

Raised on traditional foods made from cassava like Blomgomma and Bojo, his past is wrapped around his taste buds. And that’s why he sometimes, tastefully, speaks with a tongue far away from here. But, he is also the Poet Laureate of the city of Tilburg, lover of Dutch Cherry Turnovers and Carrot cake. He doesn’t shy away from the cold and all in all he is a multilingual wordsmith with a slight preference Dutch.

Stranger in “his” land

As an artist Onias Landveld, unclothes himself emotionally. What you see is what you get. All this to make that meaningful connection. And in doing so, he is confrontational. He uses his work to paint a portrait of a person looking for his place in a world that doesn’t quite accepts him. He is also aware that his identity has been created in the past. Who he has become, is for a big part because of a dark past that not many acknowledge, understand nor care to. He is formed by historical bits and pieces, fragments and situations. He transformed them into poems, spoken-word texts and stories. Some of humorous, others cutting to the bone, but always honest and teaching. And that is what makes him into what he is. A black, Surinamese born storyteller, with a Dutch nationality.

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This event will take place on the campus of Tilburg University and we will take into account the current COVID-19 measures.

This event is organized by Studium Generale.

Contact: Annelieke Koster (Studium Generale).

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