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University Library


Compulsory literature (student library)

The library has a separate collection of compulsory course literature, for the following collections: Economics and Business Administration (ECO), Law (JUR), Social sciences (SOC), Language and literature (LET),  Philosophy (CIF) and Theology and religious studies (TFL).
Some compulsory literature is also available as an eBook.

They can be recognized by "SB" (student books) in the location code.

Location codes

The location code of an Student Book can be found in the catalog (WorldCat Discovery).

The location code for a book in the student library starts with the collection code, followed by SB and the first four characters of the author's name. For example ECO SB HARR. Books from the student library can only be used within the library and are not available for loan. For most of the SB books there is a duplicate copy in the collection that can be borrowed.

The student library is situated on the first floor of the library,