Digital health & mental wellbeing

Academic Collaborative Center Digital Health & Mental Wellbeing

In 2030 using digital tools and interventions to work on your own mental well-being and a healthy lifestyle is accessible to and common for everyone. New digital forms of care that support us in this are abundantly available. But how do we know these will work for everyone, what else can be developed, how can they support us, and what is needed for them to become a part of daily life?

Interdisciplinary research community

Tilburg University decided to initiate a university-wide Academic Collaborative Center for Digital Health & Mental Wellbeing. What makes the Center unique is that the strengths of the individual research groups from all Schools at Tilburg University are combined to build an interdisciplinary research community. This community will collaborate on mission-driven research questions, formulated and tackled in close and structural collaboration with societal partners.

Real impact on mental health and wellbeing

Digital tools and technologies are often presented as solutions to reduce costs or workloads in healthcare, to prevent or manage mental health problems or to promote healthy lifestyles. However, there is still much to explore when it comes to the use and effectiveness of digital tools and technologies. The Academic Collaborative Center can have real impact on the mental health and wellbeing of people in Dutch society and elsewhere, by working closely together on these topics and finding solutions to the questions that really matter to society. Outputs developed by the Center will be relevant to academia and practice and findings will be shared in a manner to make it accessible to all.

Video about the center

Academic Leads

  • Inge Bongers

    prof. Inge Bongers

    Professor Innovation for Mental Health
  • TSHD - Emiel Krahmer

    prof. Emiel Krahmer

    Professor Digital Sciences


Are you interested or would you like more information? Please contact Esther van Vliet.