Noodfonds voor studenten

Emergency Fund for Tilburg University students

The war in Ukraine is having a great impact on students at Tilburg University. Students who are directly affected are not only extremely worried about family and friends but are also experiencing acute financial hardship. The purpose of the Emergency Fund of the Tilburg University Fund is to support these students in particular. We cannot do so without your help. Please help these students and make a donation to the Emergency Fund.

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Different Tilburg University students are in financial distress because of the war in Ukraine. Our deans of students are already picking up signs that students are facing issues. They have signaled a diversity of problems.

If we can take away some of their financial worries, that would mean quite a bit

Mies Hezemans - Dean of Students

With the Emergency Fund, the Tilburg University Fund supports these students, enabling them to focus on what they came to Tilburg University for: their studies. For instance, they are given a financial buffer to cover short-term expenses. The University Fund uses donations to the Emergency Fund to create a safety net for these students. You can help us!

  • Polina Fleminga

    Polina Fleminga

    Second-year IBA student from Ukraine

    “My family ended up losing their income and jobs, as well as all their saving, were left in the banks that do not operate right now. I did not have enough money to pay my rent that month. That is why the existence of the Emergency fund is so important. When I contacted the Emergency Fund, they informed me about the financial support that they can help me with. Even though the Fund is in the initial stages I found great relief and some part of the stress on my shoulders was taken away. By understanding how unexpected these circumstances are for the Emergency fund, they did what they can for now to ease my situation. I am thankful to the Emergency fund for supporting me so that I can pay for my rent. The Emergency Fund is doing what it can, for now, moreover, it is thriving to expand to help the students even more. And I am grateful for that!”


You can donate to the Emergency Fund in different ways. You decide what amount you want to contribute.

If a Tikkie doesn’t work for you, there are other ways to contribute.

  • Donate via iDEAL or credit card by means of our internet checkout. If you state 'Emergency Fund' in the comments box, your donation will benefit this action.
  • Donate by transferring your donation to our account yourself. Our bank account number: NL60ABNA0492704287 in the name of Stichting Universiteitsfonds Tilburg, stating ‘Emergency Fund’. For international payments, the BIC code and IBAN number are as follows.
    IBAN: NL60ABNA0492704287
    Bank name: ABN AMRO BANK N.V.
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Would you like to support the Tilburg University Fund in a more structural way? That would be great! Please take a look at the options for donating to the University Fund.

  • Mies Hezemans

    Mies Hezemans

    Dean of Students

    "Our Ukrainian students tell us harrowing stories. Their family have fled their homes or are living abroad and have taken in refugees. Salaries are no longer paid, that is, if there are still jobs to go to in the first place, so parents can no longer support their studying children. The students are anxious and if we can take away some of the financial worries, that would mean quite a bit. But other students already studying here were suddenly unable to access their money. They, too, are facing great difficulties."

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my donation go?

All donations go into the Tilburg University Fund and are allocated to the Emergency Fund.

Wat is the Tilburg University Fund?

The Tilburg University Fund is a foundation affiliated to Tilburg University. Every donation will fully benefit the cause to which you donate. The University Fund is a public benefit organization (ANBI) so donations are tax-deductible.

Is my donation to the Tilburg University Fund tax-deductible?

Yes, the Tilburg University Fund has ANBI (i.e., non-profit) status, so donations are deductible from income or corporate tax. The same goes for donations via crowdfunding. Click here for more information.

How can I use the Emergency Fund as a student?

Are you a student and would like to apply for the Emergency Fund? Then contact the Deans of Students. An application for a grant from the Emergency Fund is made through them.

Contact the Deans of Students

What is the university doing for students and staff affected by the situation in Ukraine?

More information on support for students and staff affected by the war in Ukraine is available on a dedicated webpage.

More information

Support structurally students in financial need

By adopting a chair and donating it to Have a Seat, you can support students in need for an extended period of time. Your donation will benefit the Emergency Fund and scholarships for students that will give them the space to develop their talent.