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MindLabs is a partnership involving four knowledge institutions, including Tilburg University, governments and a growing company of business partners, social institutions and startups. Together, MindLabs partners strengthen the development of technologies that interact with human behavior; or human centered AI. With the unique capabilities of these technologies, partners aim to help solve societal challenges.

The Origins of MindLabs

The MindLabs association was founded on April 1, 2019 by Fontys Hogescholen, ROC Tilburg, Tilburg University, Provincie Noord-Brabant, Gemeente Tilburg and Persgroep (now DPG Media).

In the years before, the plan initially focused on an innovative media cluster in Tilburg's Spoorzone. Fontys Hogeschool Journalistiek wanted to innovate together with media companies, right in the middle of the city and society. With the affiliation of the university, with unique knowledge in the field of interactive technologies and human behavior, the plan became broader and MindLabs got the subtitle: "Where Minds, Media & Technology meet".

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