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Tilburg University researchers conduct experiment during Lowlands Science 2023

Published: 15th June 2023 Last updated: 16th June 2023

Several researchers from the Human Resource Studies department have joined forces to conduct a unique experiment during Lowlands Science. This experiment, called "The Ultimate Tetris Game", combines the classic games 'Dance Dance Revolution' and 'Tetris'. Festival visitors are invited to hit the dance floor and participate in the experiment, which is all about collaboration.

Normally, games like 'Dance Dance Revolution' and 'Tetris' are individual challenges where players try to score as many points as possible. This experiment challenges participants to work as a team and achieve the highest score together. However, it is easier said than done as the combination of dancing and playing Tetris requires good coordination and cooperation between players.

Stress and inclusion

Amber Kersten, one of the researchers of this experiment, explains: "The aim of this experiment is to understand more about how people work together and what factors affect the stress they experience. It also investigates whether diversity and inclusion within a team can affect how stressful cooperation is perceived. By investigating these aspects, we hope to gain more insight into how organisations can create inclusive cultures in which teams can work together successfully.”

Lowlands Science

During Lowlands Science, several universities, colleges and research institutes will conduct interesting research, with visitors able to participate in these experiments. For researchers, Lowlands Science is the ideal opportunity to conduct an experiment. The festival site offers a unique setting and attracts around 55,000 visitors annually.

Tetris - Lowlands Science 2023

The Lowlands Science Lab is specially set up to invite festival-goers to conduct experiments such as The Ultimate Tetris Game. In this way, researchers aim to make science accessible to a wide audience and introduce even more people to the fascinating world of research.

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About the researchers

The team responsible for this project consists of researchers with an affinity for the topics of inclusion and stress: Abbie Bailey, Kornélia Anna Kerti, Jamie Breukel, Jason Jie, Amber Kersten, Dr. Yuri Scharp and Dr. Tom Junker.