Jamie Breukel MSc


TSB: Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
TSB: Department of Human Resource Studies


In December 2021, I started my Ph.D. project at HRS on workplace exclusion, which is supervised by dr. Hans van Dijk, dr. Sanne Nijs, and dr. Stefanie Duijndam. Currently, I am in the process of conducting a literature review on the physiological effects of workplace (micro-)exclusion, and in addition, I plan to expand on existing research into target experiences of exclusive workplace behaviors.

In 2020, I obtained my Research Master's Degree in Psychology from the University of Amsterdam, where I specialized in Social Psychology and Psychological Methods (i.e., Methods & Statistics). I discovered a passion for conducting research with complex methodologies, due to my desire to contribute to enhancing the validity of the research within the field of psychology. Moreover, I have work experience in the field of diversity and inclusion, both at the university (Naomi Ellemers-group, Utrecht University: 2018-2020) and outside of it (Nivel: 2021). 


My expertise lies mostly in the field of social psychology, specifically focused on diversity and inclusion, behavioral change, scientific skepticism, and impression management. Additional expertise lies in the field of Methods & Statistics, as I have ample experience with network analysis.


From 2020 until 2021 I supervised Psychology Bachelor students at the University of Amsterdam with their theses on loneliness and depression during the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2022, I will become a teacher at Tilburg University for students at the Department of HRS. 


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