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Prof. Arie Kapteyn awarded with Pierson Penning

Published: 17th October 2017 Last updated: 12th April 2019

Professor Arie Kapteyn, former Dean of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management and founding father of the Center for Economic Research at Tilburg University, has won the 2017 Pierson Medal together with Professor Bernard van Praag of the University of Amsterdam.

The Pierson Medal, an initiative of the Stichting Mr. N.G. Pierson Fonds, is awarded every three years to scholars working in the Netherlands who have distinguished themselves in the field of political economy. The prize is perceived as a lifetime achievement award in economics.

Kapteyn and Van Praag have been awarded this prize because of their pioneering work in the field of measuring individual welfare and for their contribution to policy and to creating high-quality institutes for research and education in the field of economics.

The Medal was presented in The Hague on October 10 during the symposium on ‘De kloof tussen welzijnsbeleving en welvaartsmeting’ [The gap between perceived well-being and measured welfare]. Klaas Knot, President of the Dutch National Bank (DNB), presented the Medal to the winners.

At the moment, Arie Kapteyn is Professor of Economics at the University of Southern California. Bernard van Praag is an Emeritus Professor of Applied Economics at  the University of Amsterdam.

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