Studenten in gesprek in het CUBE gebouw.

Education coordinators School of Economics and Management

Your education coordinator can advise you on study-related issues and problems.

There are several education coordinators working at the School of Economics and Management and they all have weekly visiting hours.

Topics in which the Education Coordinator can help you:

  • choices and opportunities in your studies
  • personal circumstances that affect your studies
  • study planning and study progress
  • study interruption or study delay
  • regulations regarding exams, exemptions, and colloquium doctum

Other questions

The education coordinator is NO point of contact for questions regarding:

  • Registration for course/exams through OSIRIS
  • Other questions related to OSIRIS
  • Canvas
  • Picking up and handing in forms

The Student Desk can help you with these questions.

You can submit a request via: for:

  • Request Courses for exchange
  • Electives
  • Request minor choice (only for EBI)

(make sure your VPN is on, and read the manual  first)

Appointment with your Education Coordinator

The appointments are by phone, online or on campus. When making the appointment and in the confirmation, you will see the way in which the conversation will take place.

In case of an appointment on campus, the location is at the Koopmans building, on the first floor. You can wait in the hall on the red chairs, in front of office K128. The Education Coordinator will pick you up.

Every Education  Coordinator has weekly office hours for questions. To make sure that everyone gets their turn as soon as possible, we have a system where you can reserve a timeslot with your Education Coordinator in advance.

  • The system requires you to use your Tilburg University e-mail address.
  • You will have to use the Microsoft Authenticator app. Register this properly, you will need it for more Tilburg University programs in the future.
  • If it doesn’t work, please contact IT-support.

Each Education Coordinator has their own link for making an appointment. You can find your Education Coordinator's link below.

It is not possible to e-mail your Education Coordinator on their personal Tilburg University e-mail address. You can reach them via their functional e-mail addresses listed below.


Pre-Master HBO 

for students coming from a Dutch HBO/university of applied sciences

Academic Pre-Master Econometrics & Mathematical Economics 

Academic Pre-Master Quantitative Finance & Actuarial Science 

Academic Pre-Master Business Analytics and Operations Research 

Academic Pre-Master Fiscale Economie 

Academic Pre-Master International Business Tax  

Academic Pre-Master Supply Chain Management

Academic Pre-Master International Management 

Academic Pre-Master Accountancy and Controlling

Academic Pre-Master Marketing Management

Academic Pre-Master Marketing Analytics

Academic Pre-Master Finance

Academic Pre-Master Information Management 

Academic Pre-Master Strategic Management 

Master Economics 


Master Econometrics & Mathematical Economics 

Master Quantitative Finance & Actuarial Science 

Master Business Analytics and Operations Research 

Master Economics 

Master Fiscale Economie 

Master Supply Chain Management

Master International Management 

Master Accountancy 

Master Marketing Management

Master Marketing Analytics

Master Finance

Master Information Management 

Master Strategic Management 

International Master in Management of IT (IMMIT) 

Master Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship

(joint degree Tilburg University - Eindhoven University of Technology)

Extended Master


Information Technology for Enterprise Management (ITEM)

Research Master

Convenant students

Student Support Roadmap

Who to turn to with what question?

Are you stuck in your studies, or do you have personal problems that affect your studies? Are you uncomfortable or do you experience a lot of stress? Are you unsure about your choice of study? Do you have a problem with your tuition fees? Or don't know what you want to do after you graduate? We are here to help you. Answer a few questions and you will immediately know who to contact for information, advice or guidance.