Bachelors Tilburg University

University Entrance Exam in Law and Data Science

Who qualifies?

You must hold a secondary school (pre-university education, or VWO) diploma to qualify for a bachelor's program of Tilburg Law School and take its exams. For Law there are no special requirements regarding secondary school subjects or specializations. For Data Science Mathematics is required. You can also qualify if you hold a propaedeutic year certificate or degree from a university of applied sciences (HBO).

Entrance exam for students with prior education deficiencies

If you do not qualify for a bachelor's program of Tilburg Law School and its exams, on the basis of your prior education and are 21 or older, you can take the university entrance exam, called the colloquium doctum. To take part in the entrance examination, you must be 21 or older before the official date of the start of the academic year in which you wish to take part (1 September). The entrance exam (total of 18 ects) must be passed in one year.

University Entrance Exam Global Law

Exam Subjects Global Law

The entrance exam for the Bachelor’s program in Global Law covers the following subjects:

  • GLB: Introduction to Global Law I
  • Either GLB: Introduction to the Philosophy of Global Law or GLB: History of International Law (candidate’s choice)
  • Either: GLB: Business for Lawyers or GLB: Tort Law (candidate’s choice) (Spring semester courses)

Please note: you must successfully complete your entrance exam (18 ECTS) within one year.
If you do not, all ECTS credits that you have attained will lapse and you will not be permitted to take part in the entrance exam for the next three consecutive years (see Article 29 of the Bachelor’s Education and Examination Regulations).

Exam Costs

For information about costs, please see the Fees and payment options for contract courses.

Exam Registration

If you would like to take part in the entrance exam, you must first request a permission letter from the School. Please send your request by mail, accompanied by a copy of your passport or identity card, before 1 July to: Please also provide your postal address and telephone number in your request.

Once you have received a permission letter you can register for the subjects listed above. For further information, please see the pages about Contract Courses.


If you hold any of the certificates listed below, you can qualify to be exempted from taking the entrance exam for the Bachelor’s programs in Global Law:

  • certificate of completion of the higher civil service (hogere bestuursambtenaar, HBA) training program;
  • certificate of completion of the municipal police service inspector or National Police service officer training program at the police academy (Politieacademie) in Apeldoorn
  • certificate of completion of the collector of state taxes training program in Utrecht;
  • certificate of competence in tax consultancy from the Dutch Federation of Tax Advisors in The Hague;
  •  certificate of completion of the inspector of state taxes training program;
  • five propaedeutic exam certificates in law subjects from the Open Universiteit.

Please submit your request for an exemption from the entrance exam to:
The Executive Board of Tilburg University,
Attn: Secretary to the Examining Board of Tilburg Law School,
P.O. Box 90153, 5000 LE Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Please also include the following with your request:

  • extract from the population register or municipal register;
  • certified copies or photocopies of your degree certificates and associated transcripts;
  • any other documents substantiating your request for an exemption.
University Entrance Exam Data Science

University Entrance Exam Data Science

In some cases, as a new student you may be exempted from the admission requirements by doing an entrance examination. This is called a colloquium doctum.

When may you take a colloquium doctum?

You may take a colloquium doctum if you, as a new student, meet one of the following conditions:

  • You do not have a VWO diploma and you are 21 years old or older
  • You have a foreign diploma that gives you access to higher education in your own country, but that is not sufficient for admission to TilburgU (in this case you can deviate from the above age limit).

What do I need to do?

The colloquium doctum implies that you:

  • You must obtain a VWO Mathematics B certificate, which has been completed with a pass (6 or higher).
  • You must demonstrate that you have mastered the English language at the level of the Dutch VWO exam. You can do this by obtaining a VWO certificate in English, or by obtaining a TOEFL/IELTS or Cambridge test.

VWO mathematics certificate B

You can obtain certificates and take admission tests at the following institutions:

  • The Central Committee Voortentamen
  • Boswell-Bèta 
  • Korteweg-de Vries Institute for Mathematics 
  • State exam

Some of these institutions also provide preparatory courses.