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Improving your English to C1

This course aims to support you in improving your overall proficiency in English, i.e., yourspeaking, writing, reading and listening skills as well as grammar and vocabulary typical of an advanced user of English in order to progress from CEFR level B2 to C1.

C1 is the level of proficiency needed to function well in an English-taught study program or in an English-speaking environment. To that end, you will learn to comprehend longer and more complex written and spoken texts from a range of genres focusing on both explicit and implicit information. You will also learn to produce spontaneous and prepared speech and organized texts on less familiar and more complex topics with sufficient consideration for detail and style.

Target audience

This course is recommended if your current level of English is at B2 of the CEFR and you wish to attain a C1 level in English. As you will work on improving your overall proficiency, this course is a particularly good fit if you are planning to participate in English-language university programs or desire to work in an English-language environment upon graduation.

At the end of the course you can

  • understand explicit and implied ideas in a wide range of more challenging and longer factual texts on topics within and outside the student’s field of interest
  • comprehend extended speech with one or more speakers in a range of social, professional and academic settings without much effort, even when this speech is less organized or in a less familiar variety of English
  • express yourself fluently, clearly and appropriately in a range of social and academic or professional situations with the ability to formulate ideas and opinions on both familiar and unfamiliar topics with considerable detail, precision and flexibility
  • compose structured written texts in which clear, detailed descriptions of more complex subjects are presented and register and style have been selected appropriately
  • use a range of vocabulary, including less common words and phrases, and a variety of complex grammatical forms flexibly, appropriately and accurately in written and spoken discourse
  • independently expand your vocabulary and improve your overall proficiency in English
  • better understand the differences and similarities between students' own culture and the cultures of the English-speaking countries in terms of values, beliefs and behavior

Special circumstances COVID-19

  • This course is taught entirely online and the exam will also be administered digitally. Since active participation is a key part of language skills courses, you need to able to interact with the group. Before signing up, make sure you have a stable internet connection, working webcam and headset or microphone. For recommended hardware requirements, see this TiU website.
  • 80% attendance is required. Lectures are not recorded for later viewing.

Improving your English to C1 in short

Duration and course format

13x 2-hour classes

Taught entirely online, 6 ECTS


end of January and end of August

Course fee

  • Students Tilburg University: 6 Language Vouchers or € 408
  • Staff/Alumni Tilburg University: € 420
  • External participants: € 480


From B2 to C1 (Common European Reference Framework)

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This course is intended for everyone who is highly educated. This means that you have a diploma at HAVO or VWO level and are therefore eligible for Higher Education in the Netherlands.

In our conditions, you can find more information about the registration period etc.

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