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Career prospects Cognitive Neuropsychology

As Cognitive Neuropsychologist you focus on people’s mental well-being, which is a broader domain then just people’s mental healthcare. Therefore Cognitive Neuropsychologists can be employed in the broad domain of mental health services, politics, and schools.

      The work field of Cognitive Neuropsychology

      Cognitive Neuropsychology is focused on the assessment and rehabilitation of people suffering from neuropsychological disorders, prevention, and on understanding specific neuropsychological problems/disorders and their treatment at the end of the lifespan.

      As Cognitive Neuropsychologist you cover a broad field of expertise. You can work within the mental healthcare and close the gap between clinical psychologists and psychiatrists. You can also play an important role in decision making in politics and educations.

      Domains where you can work

      Graduates can work for example as (neuro) psychologist,  researcher or trainer at:

      • schools and universities,
      • profit and non-profit organizations,
      • and mental health care institutions:
        • In mental health care you will pay attention to on the one hand patients in the acute (hospital) stage and in the later, chronic phases, which are inflicted with disorders and diseases like stroke, brain tumors or traumatic brain injury.
        • Another part in mental healthcare consist of disorders that are not commonly treated in hospitals, but rather in the generalistic basic healthcare. Your expertise as a cognitive psychologist will bridge between the gap between clinical psychologists and psychiatrists.

      After your master's

      Your transition to the labor market
      Working in the Netherlands after graduation

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