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Program and courses Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence

Investigate various aspects of intelligence, such as reasoning, learning, perception, communication and collaboration from both the human perspective and the machine perspective.

Program structure

The program starts at the end of August

This 2-year program consists of 120 credits (ECTS):

  • 5 Artificial Intelligence courses (30 ECTS)
  • 5 Cognitive Science courses (30 ECTS)
  • 3 Research Skills courses (9 ECTS)
    The research skills courses focus on the development of specialized skills which you need to conduct human and machine experiments independently.
  • 6 Elective courses (6 ECTS)
    If you have a bachelor’s degree other than Tilburg University’s BSc Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence, you will have the opportunity to catch up with knowledge in the field of Deep Learning during the elective space in the first year. You will need this knowledge for the 2nd year course Advanced Deep Learning. 
  • Research internship (15 ECTS)
    There’s one course-free block in the second year which enables you to do an internship (or go on a (short) exchange abroad).
  • Project and thesis (30 ECTS)
    You conclude the program with an advanced interdisciplinary research project that results in a thesis.

Program content

Courses per year | semester
Artificial Intelligence Courses
Cognitive Science Courses
Research Skills

Programs are subject to change, so we advise our students to check their exact program in the education catalog at the official start of the academic year.

Short overview of the Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence program

  • You will study artificial intelligence in relation to human cognition rather than from a purely engineering perspective
  • Your lecturers are experts in the domains of artificial intelligence, cognitive science and data science.
  • You will learn the necessary technical skills to create and test models of intelligent behavior.
  • Main AI focus on the domains of computational cognition, hybrid intelligence and human-AI interfacing.
  • Strong research focus. From the start of your studies you are encouraged to contribute to faculty’s research as a research assistant.

Interested in the MSc Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence?

The program is not accredited yet. We are currently awaiting the results of our application for accreditation, preparing the program to launch in August 2020. We can keep you informed as soon as accreditation is confirmed and we have more information.

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