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Pre-Master's program Data Science and Entrepreneurship

In preparation of the Master's program Data Science and Entrepreneurship we offer a pre-Master of 30 ECTS. This half-year preparatory course is made for applicants who do have a sufficient background in statistics and mathematics, but are not directly eligible to the Master's program.

Pre-Master's program

Starting in February, this half a year pre-Master's program will prepare you for the start of the Master's program in September.

  • The total length of the pre-Master's program is one semester (six months).
  • After succesfully completing your exams, you will be eligible to enroll into the Master's program in Data Science and Entrepreneurship.
  • When you are still finishing your BSc studies at a Dutch Research University, it might be possible to join the pre-Master's program at the same time. If this applies to you, contact the International Admissions Coordinator ( for more information.
Courses pre-Master's program

You will find a detailed description of the courses and required literature in our course catalog.

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Please Note: programs are subject to change. We advise you to look up the current program in OSIRIS Student at the start of the year.

Admission and application

An admission committee will determine your eligibility for the pre-Master’s program taking into account your eventual eligibility for the Master’s program.

To apply for the pre-Master's program, please follow the same steps as applying for the Master's program Data Science and Entrepreneurship. 

Please note: once you register in MySAS, fill in ‘pre-master’ as program-type, together with the starting month (February).

Are you an applied science / 'Hogeschool' student?

Students from AVANS and FONTYS ICT
Excellent students studying at AVANS and FONTYS ICT can be offered the opportunity to follow a minor program during their studies. For more information about the minor, you can contact the study advisor of your program at AVANS or FONTYS ICT. Please note that application for the minor program goes directly through your hbo institution.

Students holding a degree in HBO ICT or equivalent
If your HBO ICT program contains at least 10 ECTS Mathematics and 10 ECTS Statistics and your English meets the language requirements, you are most likely to be eligible to a pre-Master at JADS.

If your average grade of the HBO ICT program is 7,5 or higher you are a candidate for the 30 ECTS pre-Master. Students having a lower average but meeting the criteria on Mathematics, Statistics, and English will be considered for the 54 ECTS pre-Master. 

Interested in the MSc Data Science and Entrepreneurship?

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